3 Years Warranty

Available for up to 3 years (upgrade options are only available on the date of purchase).

Provided that the terms and conditions of this Extended Guarantee fully comply with the following specifically listed components and labour costs are covered against mechanical breakdown. Please refer to your Schedule for Dealer Care Extended Guarantee claims limits. Within the period of the Extended Guarantee, the number of claims is unlimited. Items not specifically listed will not be covered by this Dealer Care Extended Guarantee. Engine

Optional additional cover

The following will only be included if selected as optional additional cover items on the Schedule, and the appropriate additional payments paid. Turbocharger / Supercharger / Kompressor The complete unit is covered providing it is of original manufacturer’s equipment (including the wastegate if it is an integral part of the unit and cannot be bought separately).

Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles (4X4)

If you have paid for the additional cover for Your 4-wheel-drive Vehicle, the cover above will be extended to cover the additional drive train Components found on Your Vehicle beyond its 2-wheel-drive equivalent. Additional cover is denoted in the certificate marked with the term "4X4".

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