3 Months Warranty


Any vehicle purchased from Straffords automatically receives a FREE 3 MONTHS comprehensive warranty covering all the items listed below. The only stipulations are that you must return the vehicle to us, the mechanical breakdown must not have been caused by driver negligence or neglect and the vehicle cannot be modified in any way from its original sale date. Customers are urged to purchase extended and enhanced warranties which can cover their used vehicle for up to 3 years. These extra warranties are highly recommended for all types of used vehicles and are particularly advised for higher mileage specialist vehicles, just ask your Strafford salesperson at the time of purchase.

Definition of mechanical breakdown

For the purposes of this Free 3 month guarantee the definition of Mechanical Breakdown shall mean, the sudden and unforeseen failure of a component arising from any permanent mechanical or electrical defect, (for a reason other than wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence) causing a sudden stoppage of its function, necessitating immediate repair or replacement of the component before normal operation can be resumed. Consequential mechanical damage caused by negligence will not be covered.

Rear Wheel Drive (2 wheel drive & 4X4)

Drive shafts, universal joints and couplings, constant velocity joints, half shafts and bearings. (Excluding gaiters and bushes).

Differential/s (2 wheel drive & 4X4)

Planetary gear assembly, crown wheel and pinion assembly. Internal shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers, spacers, and bevel gears. This includes front, rear and centre differentials. (Excluding: viscous couplings and fluid differentials).

Propshaft/s (2-wheel drive & 4X4)

Propshaft, universal joints and couplings, bearings, including front and rear transfer shafts. (Excluding gaiters).

Wheel Bearings

Front and rear wheel bearings.

Steering and Suspension

The steering rack and pinion, power steering rack, steering box, power steering box and idler box. (Excluding: gaiters, oil leaks, coil springs, shock absorbers, arms, tracking and balancing).


Brake master cylinder, callipers, wheel cylinders, brake bias/restrictor valve. (Excluding: disc brakes, brake pads, brake shoes, brake shoe fitting kits, wheel cylinders and brake drums).


Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor (including pre-engaged solenoid), starter solenoid (inertia drive starters), indicator relay, front windscreen wiper motor, front windscreen washer motor, ignition coil, and horn. (Many electrical items excluded including Sat-Nav, Radio, CD Player, heated seats and any manufacturer optional extra IE non-standard equipment).


Damage to casings caused by the failure of a covered component will constitute part of the total claim within the coverage limits.

Cylinder Block

Excluding cracks and porosity), cylinder bores and liners (excluding cracks and porosity), crankshaft, crank bearings, big end bearings, oil pump, con-rods, gudgeon pins, small end bearings, pistons, piston rings, cylinder head (excluding cracks, porosity), rocker shaft, rockers, hydraulic lifters, camshaft and cam followers, push rods, camshaft bearings, inlet and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, cylinder head gasket, inlet manifold, timing gears, timing chains, timing belt/chain tensioner, flywheel or flex plate, starter ring gear. (Excluding: overheating, de-coking, burnt, pitted and sticking valves).

Timing Belt 

If the timing belt has been changed in accordance with the time/mileage requirements specified by the manufacturer (receipt required) it will be covered against mechanical Breakdown.


See notes on the page headed "Service Schedule" / "Timing Belt Warning"


Engine thermostat, water pump, thermostat housing, viscous fan coupling, engine temperature gauge sensor, engine oil cooler, heater matrix, radiator, expansion tank.

Fuel System (Petrol)

Fuel Injected Engines: petrol injection pump, air flow meter, fuel pressure regulator, metering head, auxiliary air valve, idle speed control valve. (Excluding Breakdown as a result of contamination or failure to meet current emission legislation).

Engine Management

Engine Electronic Control Unit (ECU), automatic transmission governor (computer governor), anti-knock sensor, MAP sensor.

Manual Gearbox 

The following internal mechanical Components are covered: gears and gear clusters, selectors and shafts, synchromesh assemblies, bushes, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings, and transfer gears.


Release thrust bearing, centre plate (oil contamination - centre plate only), pressure plate, master and slave cylinders, clutch Cable including self-adjusting mechanism and clutch damper.

Automatic Gearbox

The following internal mechanical Components are covered: governor, valve block, oil pump, gears, brake bands, servos, clutches, seals, shafts, bearings and bushes, modulator valve, transfer gears

Working Materials

Should any authorised repair to any of the above components require essential replacement of or topping up of lubricants, oils or coolant or replacement of the oil filter these shall be covered as part of the total claim within the coverage limits. It is essential that if a claim is made that the vehicle is returned to Strafford sales at 74 Preston Road Brighton BN1 4QG for the repairs to be carried out, no 3rd party repairer is allowed for the free 3-month warranty.

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